Rotterdam a sophisticated shopping city, and a hip artistic city. Above all, Rotterdam is the architecture city of Holland that stimulates innovation. Its skyline is always changing. There are many things to do amid Rotterdam’s skyscrapers. You can go on a shopping spree, enjoy some excellent food, and visit a range of museums and attractions in and around the city Centre.

Rotterdam, the modern city of Holland has a lot to offer to its 45 million population. The city is the fifth largest in the European Union and has the Dark Ages Lagoon to explore. The city is well supplied with recreational facilities and shopping malls. The staff friendly atmosphere adds to the efficiency and creativity of the creative staff of the city. Rotterdam is a mix of the new and old: a city of forward thinking and indulgement.
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The new city Centre of Rotterdam rose above the buildings of the old part of the city due to extremely high rise buildings. However, you will still find many old structures and museums amongst the newly built structures. The style of architecture of the new city centre of Rotterdam is distinguished and distinguished. It is also the smallest among the four cities of the Netherlands.

It is precisely among the artificial islands situated on the new coast of the Dutch sea that Rotterdam is to be found. The most famous Dutch artist Piet Mondrian lived and worked in Rotterdam from 1930 till 1945. Rotterdam is also the place where he produced theims of the “impressionist” school, according to which the canvas takes the maximum space and maximum freedom of form. The most famous building of today, the Laboratorio de Bellas Artes as well as the numerous sculptures, fountains and other urban decoration features were created in Rotterdam. The most popular museums among the tourists are: Kunsthistorisches Museum, Rijksmuseum, Van Loonliches Museum, Museum Het Panse collections, Museum Ruisseum and Het Concertgebouworkest, just to mention a few.

If you want to mix with the locals, it is best to visit Rotterdam during one of the Flemish festivals. There are a lot of funhunting activities going on during the time of the festival, including the general concerts and Rotterdam market weekend every year. The restaurants in the city are ready to offer you the most delicious delicacies. The specialties of the coast are fish and shellfish, including the famous Schadlinge. The pastries are baked in iron and served in thick round cakes. You will find numerous stalls with different kinds of delicious cakes, also prepared in iron.

It is very common, in cafes and restaurants, to experience the regional cuisine of the country. The common national dishes include stewed goat, boiled wheat, boiled beans, smoked sausage, cherry wood fire wine, beer and soft drinks, fruit juices and club soda. You will find a variety of dessert wines produced specially for the tourists and visitors.

If you are tired of the typical Dutch dinner, the most popular is the koffie verkeerd, a rich pancakes with eggs, thick whipped cream and powdered feathers! It is a celebration of the day and of the week leading to the weekend.

When you are about to sleep over your room, you will be extremely surprised by the vigilant cats that inhabit the big chains of the city. Some restaurants even let you feed the animals and they will even allow you do shots for luck.

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